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Def Jam Recordings is one of our elite clients. Respecting DJ’s Since 1984.

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Def Jam Recordings

We were very clear about what we want. At first we are very doubtful about the possibility, if we can success what we actually need, speed.
We contacted Mukesh, his team analyzed our site and came back after 2 days with a plan. As our industry is all about music and visual, we want to pop and do not want to remove anything. He made sure that our site loads fast and performs unexceptionally good. 4s load time with such site was a brain freezer and we loved it. Thanks!
Highly recommended. was one of the complex challenges we faced in our service. An elite website with over 45MB of page size is not a common thing. Challenge was to load as fast as possible.

Because of the nature of custom development, we didn’t have many advantages over the site. We requested Def Jam Recordings to provide us server access so that we can make a complete backup before we start working on the site.

A single file of 42MB was a bomb. We have to load it as soon as possible. No thinking about youtube, Vimeo was never the option. The requirements were too strict. We had to come with an innovative and fast server to load such files.

We know SSD is fast, I mean really fast but we needed faster than the fasted. We opted MAXIOPS which performed better than the best (SSD).

Using high-speed CDN servers and performance tweaking, we, at last, managed to load the complete site in just 3s.

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